Original Oil Painting by Johanna Seguin - $250

An original oil painting done by the artist Johanna Seguin probably in the early 1980’s. C. Thompson from the National Gallery of Canada emailed me this information about the artist which I can provide if you are interested in buying.

“It is possible that a woman by the name of Johanna Séguin painted this piece in the early 1980s. I found a couple of articles about her published in papers in 1983 when she had a show of her figurative work. The photo repeated in two of the articles indicated a style similar to that in your painting, and the signature in the lower-right corner of her painting is, while only partially visible, depicts a capital “S” with a matching style to the one found in your painting. I’m also attaching an entry on her from the Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Of course, I cannot be completely sure if your painting was done by Johanne Seguin but hopefully this could be a starting point for you.”


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