Summer 2018 Newsletter

It looks like the theme of this newsletter is that Spring has finally sprung — let’s hope Mother Nature keeps up her end of the bargain! Originally, we had planned on sending this out in June so it would be a true ‘Summer’ edition, but decided it was more important to get this distributed while the May reports were still fresh. Bonus: you’ll be able to check all the updates before folks leave for their summer vacations!

  • While we are still dreaming of summer nights, and on the off chance you’re still planning your adventures, be sure to check out YUSAPUY’s Rewards Program Page where all sorts of discounts are listed and available to take advantage of.
  • If you happen to spend your Summer doing something great and /or unusual — maybe a trip, maybe a project, maybe something else — and would like to share the story with your fellow YUSAPUY members, please get in touch! We’d love to have your story submission for our Fall Newsletter (in September).

Otherwise, we hope to see you at the BBQs and drop-in events over the next while — see below for dates!

Happy reading 😀

May Reports

According to YUSAPUY’s constitution, all committees & officers are required to report on their activities twice a year, once in May and again in November. The following are the May reports as submitted:

The relationship between you and your employer is not one of equals; being in a union fixes the imbalance!

Workplace Thoughts

Upcoming Events

  • Bargaining Committee specific drop-in sessions (Keele): May 17
  • Glendon BBQ: June 18
  • Keele BBQ: June 19 & 20

Full details to follow. See Calendar for all Event listings.


The following people have joined YUSAPUY since the Spring Newsletter:

Zoe Alexandra
Barbara Antenos
Nusratun Ara
Natalla Artukovic
Roz Bahrami
Oliver Barich
Hazel Beecham
Leah Benincasa
Emily Brown
Osama Butt
Kelly Chen
Alison Correia
Meysam Delavari
Anthony Ferreira
Susan Fiorillo
Patricia Meiwa So Gao
John Grundy
Xiang Gu
Ivana Gulia
Eric Hai
Hayward Hann
Jeff Hicks
Hanson Ho
Jowan Jafaar
Anto John
Meaghan Kay
Christian Quan Kep
Amy Kingston
Neshantheny Kumana
Rifa Lalani
Kevin Lin
Samir Mainduddin
James Messinis
Pak Lun Ng
Paola Panaro
Brittany Prout
Mia Sartor
Beck Shaefer
Evelyn Shaller-Auslander
Maria Sorgini
Peggy Steele
Ian Tomaszewski
Nataly Torres
Raquel Torres
Li VanDerSter


Interesting Nuggets from Around the Web

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