YUSAPUY Decent and Stable Work Campaign


April 15, 2021

Responding to Concerns of Privacy and Confidentiality

As you know, the YUSAPUY 2021 Membership Survey was launched on April 7th. The responses have been encouraging thus far but let’s keep the momentum going.

We appreciate and acknowledge the concerns about privacy and confidentiality regarding the 2021 Membership Survey that have been expressed by YUSAPUY Members. Please know that personal information, i.e, your email address, provided in your survey submission remains private and confidential. Survey submissions are only accessible by Cherie Wong, Decent and Stable Work Campaign Coordinator who is an independent contractor. In other words, no Full Time Officer, no YUSAPUY Executive Board member, no Decent and Stable Work Task Force member, other YUSAPUY officials or YUSAPUY Office Staff, sees or has access to the data collected via the survey. Survey results will be anonymized and aggregated before it is provided to YUSAPUY.

The reasons email addresses are required are two-fold:

1. To enable each person to submit only one survey rather than many submissions. If individuals were to complete several surveys, this information would skew the data and not accurately reflect the membership, and afterall we are hoping to obtain an accurate picture of who our members are and to learn of any concerns.

2. Also, by entering your email address, you are able to access, review and modify your submission as needed, and this feature is available to Members until the survey is closed (May 1, 2021).

We recognize the value of a union, and specifically YUSAPUY in this workplace. The Membership Survey is a tool to assist us in understanding our membership and our union. We acknowledge that there are members who feel disenfranchised, like they do not belong or that their voices and perspectives are not seen, recognized or reflected in YUSAPUY. We want to hear from these Members, as well as the Members who have no particular concerns. Hence, our need to hear from each YUSAPUY Member.

We trust that the information provided above satisfies any concerns about privacy and confidentiality. We look forward to knowing after the May 1, 2021 deadline that most, if not all, of our Members completed the Survey.

Keep well,

Paula Gowdie Rose
Chair, Decent and Stable Task Force

2021 Membership Survey

On April 7, 2021, the Decent and Stable Work Task Force launched the 2021 Membership Survey to the YUSAPUY Membership – Units 1 and 2 – with a completion deadline of April 28, 2021.

Data collected through the 2021 Membership Survey will inform the union about the makeup of our membership, identify systemic barriers faced by the YUSAPUY membership and inform the work that YUSAPUY undertakes in responding to the needs of our members.  All information provided will be held in confidence and confidentiality will be provided to the fullest extent possible. More importantly, we have taken additional steps to protect our Members’ identities to ensure everyone can provide open and honest feedback. Members of the YUSAPUY Executive Board and the Decent and Stable Work Task Force will only be provided with aggregated data collected through the survey.

We encourage all YUSAPUY Units 1 and 2 Members to complete the survey. We need to hear from you!

Over the next several weeks, we will be coordinating several Survey Sessions! where YUSAPUY Members can join Cherie Wong, the Decent and Stable Work Campaign Coordinator, Members of the Decent and Stable Task Force and other union officials to learn more about this initiative, ask questions and individually complete the survey while in a group setting.

For more information contact:

Cherie Wong, Decent and Stable Work Campaign Coordinator
Email: cherie@yusapuy.ca


The Decent and Stable Task Force
Paula Gowdie Rose (Chair)
Wanda Hollingshead
Anne Ralph
Rosa Tarulli
Email: taskforce@yusapuy.ca

YUSAPUY Decent and Stable Work Campaign

Launched in August 2020

What is Decent and Stable Work?

  • Opportunities for everyone
  • Fair income
  • Security in the workplace
  • Prospects for professional development

Decent Work: coined in June 1999 by the International Labour Organization to describe the need not only for job creation, but also for creating jobs of acceptable quality.

Objectives of the Decent and Stable Work Campaign:

• Raise awareness on issues related to precarious work
• Engage, mobilize, and empower members to advocate for gainful employment
• Build solidarity amongst the membership
• Provide opportunities for members to become active in YUSAPUY

Decent and Stable Work Postcard

Download Here


Decent and Stable Work Postcard (Version 2)

Download Version 2