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What is Decent and Stable Work?

Paula Gowdie Rose, Chair, Decent and Stable Work Campaign

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Decent and Stable Work Task Force May 2021 Report to the Membership

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May 28, 2021

The 2021 Membership Survey: An Update

The 2021 Membership Survey closed May 14, 2021, 11:59pm with a response rate of 40%. Thank You! to YUSAPUY Members who participated in this process.

As previously outlined, the specific objectives of the survey included:

  • collecting demographic data about our membership – the union does not have this information,
  • understanding some of the challenges our members experience, including issues related to decent and stable work and issues arising from the ongoing pandemic, and
  • understanding our members’ experiences with the union and barriers to inclusion.

The Survey is one component of the Decent and Stable Work Campaign that, in addition to the objectives noted above, enabled engagement with the membership. While a higher percentage of participation was not achieved, the Survey and related activities stimulated dialogue amongst the membership, which is the ultimate goal of any engagement process. The actual responses and the silences tell their own stories. Also, through the Survey, we were able to obtain some demographic information about our membership, which the Union did not previously have. Moreover, information gathered through the Survey will help to inform, and provide direction for, the Campaign.

As discussed at Survey Sessions, the anonymized and aggregated survey results will be released to the membership, however, this will take some time. The Task Force, along with Campaign Coordinator and our advisor D’Arcy Martin, will spend some time compiling, organizing and assessing the information. In the meantime, the Campaign is ongoing.

In Recognition…

Anne Ralph recently stepped away from the Decent and Stable Work Task Force though she continues to be involved in YUSAPUY in other ways. Anne was a part of the YUSAPUY Executive Board that actively advocated for the concerns of the membership and supported the establishment of the Campaign. Anne’s contributions to the Campaign and the Task Force are greatly appreciated! We wish Anne the very best!

In closing…

The Decent and Stable Work Campaign is an organizational initiative that involves everyone in the organization. You, me, the Task Force Members, Union Officials – WE are all part of this project. WE have the collective power to make this campaign a success for ALL of US. WE have the collective power to make OUR union the type of organization we want it to be.

We hope to coordinate some events over the next several weeks. Be on the lookout and watch the DSWC website for updates and new information. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions and/or concerns.

Keep well,
Paula Gowdie Rose, Chair
Decent and Stable Work Task Force

YUSAPUY Decent and Stable Work Campaign

Launched in August 2020

What is Decent and Stable Work?

  • Opportunities for everyone
  • Fair income
  • Security in the workplace
  • Prospects for professional development

Decent Work: coined in June 1999 by the International Labour Organization to describe the need not only for job creation, but also for creating jobs of acceptable quality.

Objectives of the Decent and Stable Work Campaign:

  • Raising awareness in the YUSAPUY membership about issues related to decent and stable work in the workplace
  • Engaging, mobilizing and empowering the YUSAPUY membership
  • Creating greater cohesion between Units 1 and 2
  • Addressing barriers to inclusion
  • Providing opportunities for YUSAPUY members to become more involved


Decent and Stable Work Postcard

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Decent and Stable Work Postcard (Version 2)

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