Martin Alexander, ext. 30340
Library Microcomputer Support, Scott

Tammy Astrafallie, ext. 30777
Academic Advising, LA&PS

Mike Belanger, ext. 22651
Dept. of Biology, Lumbers

Sandra Bell, 416-736-5073
Financial Engineering Program, SSB

Natasha Bissoon, ext. 55246
Dept. of Chemistry, Chemistry Bldg.

Sylvia Bosch-Karas (Steward Coordinator), ext. 77523
Assessment & Document Processing, Admissions, BCSS

Janet Brewer, ext. 33367
eServices Office, LA&PS, Atkinson

Dawn Burns, ext. 55533
Dept of Visual Art and Art History, CFA

Stefanie LamonacaCaputo, ext. 33762
Academic Advising, LA&PS, Central Square

Kelly Chen, ext. 77329
York International, York Lanes

Sonny Day, ext. 33495
YusApuY Office, 190 Albany Rd. 2nd Floor

Scarlett Farquhar, ext. 88555
Glendon Athletic Club, Proctor House, Glendon

Sheila Ferreira, ext. 22365
CSBO, Assiniboine Rd.

Yuwn Forrster, ext. 22286
Office of the Dean, York Lanes

Kevin Gambin, ext. 40322
Info Tech Services, Winters

Elizabeth Gibson, ext. 44330
Student Financial Services, BCSS

Paula Gowdie Rose, ext. 55074
Operations Management & Information Systems, SSB

Ivana Gulia, ext. 55013
Dept. of Sociology, Vari Hall

Wanda Hollingshead, ext.44528
YusApuY Office, 190 Albany Rd. 2nd Floor

Delwar Hossain, ext.44656
Dept. of Chemistry, Life Sciences Building

Vladimir Ivankine, 416-736-5509
University Information Technology, Bergeron Centre

Ammad  Khan, ext. TBD
Office of the Dean, Lassonde

AnneMarie Khan, ext. 66669
Assessment & Document Processing Admissions, BCSS

Simonelle Lobo, ext. 22240
Procurement Services, Finance, 4747 Keele Street

Giulio Malfatti, ext. 55800
University Information Technology, Central Square

Vera Murano, ext. 20606
Office of the Exec. Officer, SSB

Onyi Nwagbugbo, ext. 66665
Admissions, BCSS

Tammy Paglia, ext. 70588
Assessment and Document Processing, BCSS

Megan Pekilis, ext. 44040
Office of Research Ethics, York Lanes

Mary Polesel, ext. 22005
Student Accounts, SFS, BCSS

Emma Posca, ext. 77583
Dept. of Philosophy, LA&PS, Ross

Anne Ralph, ext. 22460
Dept. of Geography, LA&PS, Ross Bldg.

Joy Raymond, ext. 58191
Visual Art & Art History, CFA

Karen Reid, ext. 20947
Admissions Client Services, BCSS

Mary Santoli, ext. 20625
Financial Aid, SFS, BCSS

Joanne Sequeira, ext. 22397
Office of the Dean, Lumbers

Zanita Shamselarijani, ext. 77520
Admissions, BCSS

Elspeth Staniland, ext. 44620
Continuing Professional Education, Atkinson

Robert Starr, ext. 20947
Admissions Client Services, Bennett

Felicia Sukhu, ext. 44875
Office of Temporary Use of University Space, ROSS

Rosa Tarulli, ext. 66700(shared line)
Glendon ITS Helpdesk

Maria Thomas, ext. 66301
Faculty of Education, Winters College

Barbara Thurston, , ext. 55290
Dept. of Psychology, Behavioral Science

Breanne Whitwell, ext. 33412
YusApuY Office, 190 Albany Rd. 2nd Floor

Kimberly Wilson, ext. 55166
English Department, LA&PS, Stong College