Full Time Officers

Sonny Day, President, sonny@yusapuy.ca
Wanda Hollingshead, 1st Vice President, wanda@yusapuy.ca
Breanne Whitwell, 2nd Vice President, breanne@yusapuy.ca

Unit 1 Bargaining Committee

Scarlett Farquhar, Chair, sfarquhar@glendon.yorku.ca
Lorraine Mar, Vice-Chair, marlor@yorku.ca

Communication Committee

Kali Banner, Chair, kbanner@yorku.ca
Rosa Berdejo-Williams, Vice-Chair, berdejow@yorku.ca

Constitution and Policy Committee

Ammad Khan, Chair, ammadk@yorku.ca

Equity Committee

Zeripha Moses, Chair, zeripha.moses@lassonde.yorku.ca

Glendon Officer

To Be Determined

Grievance Committee

Elspeth Staniland, Chair, elspeths@yorku.ca
Anne Ralph, Vice-Chair, anner@yorku.ca

Health and Safety Committee

Paula Gowdie Rose, Chair, pgowdieyork@gmail.com

Job Evaluation Committee

Charmaine Mohamed, Chair, cmohamed@yorku.ca

Membership Officer

Min-A Yoon, minayoon@yorku.ca

Nominations Committee

Tammy Paglia, Vice-Chair, pagliat@yorku.ca


Carolin Potter, cpotter@yorku.ca treasurer@yusapuy.ca