The Decent and Stable Work Task Force Report – October 2020

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Decent and Stable Taskforce
• Paula Gowdie Rose, Chair
• Rosa Tarulli
• Anne Ralph
• Wanda Hollingshead

Identified Barriers for Decent and Stable Work


• Converting Unit 1 positions into temporary or limited term
• Working through paid breaks, lunch break, and personal hours
• Not posting vacant positions and expecting the remaining employees to take on additional workload
• Temporary jobs are repeatedly extended, instead of posting continuing positions
• Unit 2 members are precarious workers, without health benefits and who are often unaware of their rights as members of a Union.


• Alarming rate of age 55+ YUSAPUY members losing employment at York U


• Instability of working conditions
• Lack of access to resources while working from home
• Musculoskeletal injuries and mental health conditions
• Caring for young children and/or vulnerable family members while working
• Additional expenses incurred to work remotely (high speed internet and equipment)

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