The 2018 YUSAPUY Retirees Lunch is usually held in May, but this year, it was postponed until Monday, October 1, and was nonetheless a huge success. As YUSAPUY president Giulio Malfatti stated in his opening address: “This is a very special event for us. The Retirees Lunch is one of the highlights of the year for YUSA.”

“Those of us who are still working owe each of you an entire debt of gratitude,” he continued. “You guys did all the work for us, and we are reaping the rewards of your hard work.”

This year’s keynote speaker was a fitting choice: Gabrielle Hardt, who was one of the original founders of YUSAPUY in the early 1970s and the very first President of the union in 1975. Hardt discussed the struggles during the early years of YUSAPUY, and what it took to build it into the union it is today.

Special thanks to the event organizers and everyone in the YUSA staff who worked so hard to organize such a successful event. See the photos below: